Introduction to Clearness Committee Concept

You may be curious as to the type of activities I experience on retreat.
The retreat I attended this week (and in November) are based on the Quaker tradition of the Clearness Committee and the work of Parker Palmer.
For an introduction to this concept and this type of work you can find several YouTube videos that provide a brief introduction. I provide a link below. This is the type of process that I feel called to help develop as a pastor within the church. I have benefitted from it in my own life, particularly in the recent retreats I have attended. For more information on Parker Palmer and Courage to Lead visit the website:

YouTube introduction video to Clearness Committee

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About burbankchristian

First Christian Church of Burbank is a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation. Pastor Steve Borgard is blogging about his sabbatical. The Sabbatical will include: Courgage to Lead Retreats (focusing on Circles of Trust and the Seasons of Ministry), Preaching (Homeletics Conference), Contemplative Prayer and Spiritual Formation (Oregon Extension Summer Contemplative Retreat) and an Interfaith Experience (Thich Nhat Hahn - Mindfulness Retreat)
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One Response to Introduction to Clearness Committee Concept

  1. Dave Boatman says:

    Thank you, Steve for posting the info on the Clearness Committee concept. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Palmer explain about the inner teacher within us all and the benefits of a community that ask honest, open questions. It reminded me of our men’s group (Mike-Wally-Ken-Steve Hollenbeck-Matt-Bob Kinsel-Louie).

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