Montana Retreat Site

Here is a photo from the retreat center in Montana. I’m looking forward to returning this Fall as part of “The Courage to Lead” retreat.

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Intro to Sabbatical

Well, this is my first ever blog post. I’m wondering if I can get the hang of this or if anyone will ever read it.

The purpose of this blog is to post entries from my upcoming sabbatical. This way, members of my congregation friends and family can stay informed and respond to my experiences while I’m learning, growing, and being challenged.

After 8 years of service as Pastor of First Christian Church of Burbank, I have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to take a sabbatical. There will be four major components (or anchors) to my sabbatical involving my areas of interest: leadership, preaching, contemplative prayer and an interfaith experience. Also, I will be spending time visiting other churches representing a variety of forms and styles of Christian worship.

Blessings for now, I hope this works.

Location:W Burbank, CA United States

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